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September 20 2017

customer: *brings all their concessions to my till to check out*

customer’s spouse: oh wait want to grab an icee! *runs back into concessions*

customer: ok. *turns to me* how much do I owe?

me: is this all you’re getting? *points at the stuff on the counter*

customer: no my spouse is grabbing an icee

me: oh, sorry but it’s policy that i have to see it before i can ring it up

customer: so you think i’m LYING!?

me: *internally* literally NOT what i said but OKAY WHATEVER SURE YEAH I THINK YOURE LYING

September 19 2017

you know it’s really great when a friend, who you’ve spoken to about their rude behaviours and how the way they behave makes you not want to hang out with them, just continues these behaviours because she’s with new friends and decides that it’s cool to be rude to you and make you feel like shit. like what happened wasn’t even that big of a deal but it’s just an example of how she is incapable of maturing and all those chances i gave her were literally all for nothing so she can go ahead and run off with her new friends and do fuck all with her life i dont even give a shit anymore

September 18 2017

had a guy bitch at me and my manager yesterday because he was mad that we had to ID his daughters to see IT bc i thought they were alone, and when they said their dad was in the movie already, i told them they could either call him out so he could say he’s their adult accompanying them, or i could get an employee to walk them to their seats and check if they have an adult. they texted their dad but then asked if an employee could come bc they didn’t know if he saw the text. the dad comes out right as my manager walks up and and the dad just starts bitching about how if his 15 y/o daughters have tickets, we should know an adult bought it for them. then he pulls the “i’m poor” card and complains about how he didn’t spend $10 a person to get his daughters carded for a rated R movie (correlation????). my manager just had the fakers smile and the daughters were really embarrassed and the guy ended up missing like 10 minutes of his movie just to bitch

September 14 2017

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September 13 2017

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September 10 2017

i fucking said “choing” today bc my brain couldn’t decide whether to say “change” or “coin”

September 06 2017

when teachers dont let a class be on their phones at all bc they’re afraid kids will text… hate to break it to teachers but we can text from our laptops too

September 05 2017

ayyy guess who found $35 in cash at work and will be able to claim it as lost in 1-2 weeks!!!!

god im gonna be a great veronica

September 01 2017


back to witches 👏👏 and wizards 👏 and magical 👏👏 beasts 👏 to goblins 👏👏 and ghosts and to 👏 magical 👏👏 feasts 👏 it’s all that 👏👏 i love and it’s 👏 all that 👏👏 i need 👏 at ✊✊ hogwarts! ✊✊ hogwarts! back to spells 👏👏 and enchantments👏 potions 👏👏 and friends 👏 to 👌 gryffindor! 👌 ✌️ hufflepuff! ✌ 🖖 ravenclaw! 🖖 🤘 slytherin! 🤘 back to 👏👏 the place where 👏 our story 👏👏 begins 👏 at ✊✊ hogwarts! ✊✊ hogwarts!



tomorrow is september first


it’s september first


Honestly no musical plot twist will ever rival Next to Normal’s “I am the One (Reprise)” when Diana leaves and her delusion of her son is left behind but Dan turns to him and says “No! Just leave me alone! Why didn’t you go with her?” and we find out that Dan has been equally haunted by Gabe’s death the entire time whew I had to sit down when I heard it for the first time that’s for sure

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the eczema life is me telling people i have eczema and then them replying with “oh i have this lotion you should use” and they hand me some shitty $4 dove lotion

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tomorrow is september first

August 31 2017

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Taking Public Transit: Day 1 vs Day 101.

I don’t get the last one e.e

If it is empty and the other cars are full there is a reason you don’t want to learn that reason


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August 30 2017


Trying to keep a positive attitude when you’re upset



Taylor Swift reminds me of that one scene in the office where Michael says “I am the victim of a hate crime” and Stanley’s like “that’s not what a hate crime is” and Michael just goes “WELL I HATED IT”

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