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April 25 2017

in march i had one A, three B’s, a C, and a D

now i managed to get one of those B’s to an A, and my D to a B!

one: i completely forget about a spanish verbal test i have in class on a subject i don’t know that well, don’t study at all because of the forgetting, and yet somehow get a high score

two: i study thoroughly for a test tomorrow and feel prepared, yet have a sinking feeling in my stomach for some reason that i’m going to get a shit score


i don’t know if this is already a well-known thing, but the other day i found this neat website called “stayed up all night” where you can make cute personalized mixtapes!!

you can pick a tape and then add stickers and doodles and text and fill it with songs (from youtube/soundcloud) !!! i made one for my gf and i’s one year anniversary and did mine like this:

anyway it’s a really cute idea for anyone who wants to give that special someone an old school mixtape from far away! or if you don’t have a bunch of cassettes layin around! or just for fun!

April 24 2017



BBC Sherlock is the best adaption of Sherlock Holmes because it succeeded in making me despise the character of Sherlock Holmes for the rest of my life (and eternity) and made me never want to touch the stories ever again and that’s what Arthur Conan Doyle would have truly wanted.

I stg at this very moment Arthur Conan Doyle’s ghost is probably floating in front of Steven Moffat’s bed violently sobbing in gratitude and mumbling things like ‘you did it. You finally did it. They all hate Sherlock Holmes. Thank you’

April 23 2017

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so prom happened

April 22 2017

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April 20 2017

it’s so astonishing how parents can go from “hey i’d like your input on this family friend coming to stay with us for two weeks and staying in your bedroom, bc it’s your room so i want to ask permission” to “i always help you and you wont even help me with this one thing” after i say i don’t want to give up my room for two straight weeks for someone that’s just going to sleep in it. if she’s not even family and she’s only going to sleep in here, why not just have her sleep in the family room, or have her get a hotel if she’s going to be here for weeks on end

April 15 2017

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last night of performing steel mags😢

Positivity for people with skin conditions is so so so so so so so SO SO SO IMPORTANT.

April 05 2017


me: thinks abt c*ddling for 2 minutes
me @ myself: shut the hell up u aren’t in a John green novel. grow up and move on.

April 03 2017

guess who forgot to request days off work for my show and is praying to god that i wont get scheduled on the days i need off

April 02 2017

send me your questions or rants about life and anything in between because i’ve got a lot of wisdom that’s not going to good use

why do customers think it’s funny to say “i’m going to report you!” and then say “april fools” like okay wow thanks for giving me anxiety about losing my job

April 01 2017

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I hate the internet. I hate how this poem doesn’t need to be finished but it has 13.9k retweets and 21.1k likes. Everyone knows how this poem ends and I hate it

March 31 2017


*Beyoncé voice* Okay ladies now just what in Tarnation

March 30 2017

i had a customer give me a $2 coupon for his large popcorn, but the coupon (1) was one of those “buy one get $2 off this other thing” deal and he only had the one popcorn and (2) the $2 off wasn’t even for a popcorn. it was for candy. i told him i couldn’t apply the coupon since that’s not what the coupon was for and he said

“they scan it for me anyway”

because in our computer you can override the coupon in like ten different ways, but i still wasn’t about to let this guy apply a coupon that didn’t even relate to what he was buying. so i told him i couldn’t scan his coupon and he just kept repeating that we’ve done it for him before, and i just kept repeating that i couldn’t scan the coupon unless he got the candy and the drink that the coupon asked for and he just got all upset and eventually paid full for the popcorn and stormed away to his family

i was nervous he’d complain until i realized he couldn’t because he literally had no grounds

so we got reserved seating in some of our auditoriums at my work…… and people don’t understand that we can’t reserve a seat for someone who has not yet shown up or paid for their ticket. like, they’ll get there before their friend and buy themselves a ticket but then be like “can you not sell the seat next to mine because my friend is coming” and then people get all pissed that we can’t hold a seat for someone who hasn’t paid for it………. like that’s how things work. if you want a guaranteed spot next to your friend, either buy their ticket with your purchase or wait for them to get there

customer tales

so im sitting in box office the other day (i work at a movie theater) and literally i think the worst thing about senior discounts is when people don’t specifically ask for it, we don’t automatically give it to them, since, you know, they may not be our senior age and it could come off as rude

and every single time im in box, there’s at least ten old people a day that don’t look 62, and they say “one ticket for *insert movie*” and i start ringing them up for gen. admission, tell them their total, and they get so annoyed that they are paying a dollar more than they should

“is that the senior price?”

me: *in the peppiest voice i can imagine* oh no sorry about that! you didn’t mention you wanted the senior discount

them: *are annoyed that i have to take twenty more seconds to go back and select the senior tickets* 

like……… if you want the senior ticket…………. and you don’t look like you’re a frail old person………. fucking mention that you want a senior ticket!!!!!!! it’s not that hard!!!!!!!!

March 28 2017


March 27 2017

i hate when customers ask me to make change for them from like a five or ten and i ask “all ones?” and hey go “yeah what else, hundreds?” and i’m just like… five dollar bills exist……. so do quarters……..

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