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March 23 2017

man i got so excited to find out that Fred Meyer’s pharmacists can prescribe the pill, but then i read you have to be 18……..

March 22 2017

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someone turn this into a fic, i’ll pay you with my endless love

March 20 2017

remember when my hair was this short

god i miss that. it was such a look™


so here i am, mere me, working cashier at concessions (i work at a movie theater). and im ringing people up and this lady comes up with her two or three kids. one of which is a todler (like im talking two or three years old) and this kid is drinking out of a small soda cup

now the lady…. lets call her Lady (for she was anything but)…………. so Lady has like some nachos and popcorn and this drink that her toddler is drinking that she’s gonna buy

i start ringing up her items

and then it happens

the phrase i always dread

“there’s only water in the cup”

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you see, at my work, we charge buy inventory. so like,  for example, all the medium coffees cost like four bucks something, no matter if its an americano or a macchiato, because corporate tells us to charge by the cup

so same goes for drink cups, icee cups, and popcorn bags, yadda yadda. it’s annoying but like, that’s how it is. we also have no way to give out free cups or bags because corporate never gave us a way how to log it into the computer that we gave out free stuff, because we charge by the cup/bag the product is in, and not the product that’s actually in it

so, if you want water, you have to use these nine ounce courtesy cups we have for free, instead of paying for like a water bottle or something. sometimes people want empty soda cups so they can share popcorn with their friends or family or whatever, but we tell them they’d have to pay for it because the cups are how we do inventory and we can’t log into the system that they took a free cup, so we’d have to charge full price for an empty cup

again, it’s really stupid, but that’s how it is


Lady is like “it’s only water” and i just continue ringing her up and i ring up the cup since they used it for the water and she’s like “but it’s just water” and i explain, hey sorry but we charge by inventory and that she’d have to pay full price if she really wants the drink cup filled with a drink 

and she’s like “what”

and i re-explain it and emphasize that she’d have to pay full price if she wants to use the drink cup to put water in

and Lady goes “fine, how much is it?” very annoyed that im obvious the culprit for taking up her precious time

“full price” i repeat once more

she glares at me and, instead of turning and looking at the menu behind her, she says very rudely “and how much is that?”

“$4.30″ i say, and hold my breath

she glares and shakes her head “no, no, i don’t want that”

and then she’s quiet and just cut her sentence off there. i raise an eyebrow

“okayyy…..?” i drag on. she makes no move to get rid of the drink cup her child is drinking from. i’m not sure what she wants from me. i am just a cashier.

i decide to be helpful and point out the courtesy cups, which are located behind the counter in the employee area. she goes and reaches all the way over the counter instead of asking an employee, grabs like five and comes back to me. “where’s the water”

internally, i am screaming by now. i repeat what i said about two minutes ago during my explanation that water in a drink cup is not free, and i say “like i said, you have to ask someone behind the counter because that’s where the water spout is”

Lady sighs, annoyed that i couldn’t just pull a hose out from under my till and fill up the cups that she so painstakingly took three steps away to grab

update: toddler still has drinking cup and Lady has made no move to take it from the child. i am hesitant to see what happens, because i need to take the cup so i can go put it on a waste list

Lady gets other employee to fill up her water cups and strides right by me as she leaves concessions and says nothing. her kids begin to follow

including the toddler with the cup i need to go waste

i can’t let this kid walk away with the cup, because then the Lady will have won and gotten the cup without paying for it like she wanted

but Lady didn’t take the cup from her child

i must step up

before the kid takes two steps, i say “hey there! can i see that?” the toddler nods and hands me the cup that i put on my counter. “do you want water?” i ask. the child nods. i go to get a courtesy cup of water for the kid because Lady didn’t even give one to her kid who was drinking the water

“MOMMY!” the kid yells

i panick

i fill up the water a little more and run it to the kid

when i get there, Lady is standing and glaring at me

i say nothing but i smile at the kid and take the drinking cup i had put on my counter and go waste it


but wait

ten minutes later, i watch as one of my managers walks a customer to the front of the building. 

it’s Lady

her toddler is behind her, but slower

Lady and my manager walk outside for some reason

child did not keep up, ends up getting lost because Lady turned a corner then went outside, and toddler could not see because they were around the corner

toddler has been saying “mommy wait foh meee!”

toddler can’t find mom

toddler saying very sadly “mommy? where did you go?” adults are looking. old people are aghast. i am the only employee that had noticed so far

i don’t want to deliver this kid to their mom out of fear of getting a complaint that i kidnapped this child or whatever

i walk kid towards the door that Lady went out

another employee is there, i make them take over, i retreat to concessions and hide in the kitchen for a bit

and that is the tale of a terrible customer and a terrible mother who was annoyed by policies of corporate that i, a mere cashier, could not change

the end

March 18 2017

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so I found this…

March 13 2017


If you thirst followed me I have a right to know



i cant believe its daylight savings time and i havent seen the “hello its me your cousin oskaar from iceland” video on my dash yet you are all slackers

i guess i have to do all the work around here dont i



When ur waiting for lil wayne to show up and suddenly the crowd hears a distinctive *clip* *clop* and goes wild

this is such an advanced joke


No offense but my best friend is so beautiful I’m always in awe that we’re friends

March 12 2017

i definitely took a shower and washed my hair but i don’t remember if i actually used soap and washed my body……. too late i’m already at work

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someone turn this into a fic, i’ll pay you with my endless love


March 10 2017





hey if you’re in the U.S. and use food stamps or know somebody who does i found this online cookbook that has recipes for eating well on approximately $4/day :o) 

I don’t have food stamps but I need to know how to eat well for $4/day. Thank you for this.


This cookbook is really amazing. I’ve used a couple of the recipes and they are so easy to follow. And in the beginning there are a bunch of really great tips for saving on food stuff.

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This shit was good as hell lmaoo

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love this sign in the choir room

we had the same kind of sign on our piano outside the drama room


do you ever

do you ever just have

that one class

that one freaking class

that just depresses you when you think about it because

oh god you hate it so much

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March 08 2017

guys, lin manuel and the writers of “catch me if you can” gave my department a shout out

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